Betting on Golf Tournaments

Golf is a game of the aristocrats, said the people from the older generations. Today with the process of globalization and the digital revolution, the game of aristocrats has reached the masses through just a click on their phones. Even if they can't afford to play the game for their own, there is no stopping them from watching the golf tournaments online or even try betting on the golf tournaments and their favorite golf stars. Golf tournaments are the most enchanting tournaments of all sports due to the picturesque terrains that make the golf course. Moreover, golf players are the suavest of all players.

Types of Bets you Can Place on Golf

  1. To Win Bets: this type of bet is placed on who will win the particular golf tournament
  2. Field Bets: this means that the bet is on a particular golfer in a particular golf tournament should not win. Anybody may win but the golfer on whom the bet has been placed
  3. Head to Head: in this type of bet, a line is set between two golfer who has nothing to do with the golf tournament. This type of bet is very common in bricks and mortar casino.
  4. Futures Bets: a future is not designated to a single tournament but a series of tournament and in long term results.
  5. Prop Bets: the term prop comes from the proposition which means these bets are based on the realization of the assumptions made by the bettors.

7 tips you Should Follow when Betting on Golf

Betting on golf tournament can be very profitable if you follow these following tips:
  1. Before trying your hands in the golf betting, try to understand the various courses such as the golfer’s statistics and history of records.
  2. Do not underestimate the weather on the day of the tournament, it plays a huge role in the performances of the players.
  3. Do not fall into the trap of big media names and famous professional players, instead, go for the average players who have higher scopes
  4. Do not make the mistake of betting on a single golfer
  5. Do your research on finding the values of the betting odds.
  6. Research on the general forms of the players, whether they have played well in the last 10 matches or not
  7. Be thorough with the statistics of the games

And last but not least, take advantage of online bonuses. They can give you huge rewards like doubling your deposit money or giving your free bets that you can use on real money games. You can't lose anything, so there is no reason why you shouldn't use them always when they are available to you.

Major World Golf Tournaments that are Popular for Betting

here are the names of some major golf tournaments of the world that the players swear by:
  1. The Masters that will take place in April.
  2. US Open held in June
  3. The Open Major that will take place in July
  4. USPGA Chip Major that takes place in August
  5. Ryder Cup, one of the most famous tournament

Best Casino Sites for Online Betting on Golf

There are many online casino sites that offer scope for sports betting on golf. Here are some of the best online legal casinos through which you can make the maximum out of your golf sports betting.
  1. Bet365: this is by far the best casino that gives a casino bonus of £100 which they call the Bet Credits.
  2. Betvictor: in this casino, you can get £30 by betting for £5. This offer is only for new customers. So hurry up
  3. William Hill: with this casino, you get £30 for betting on £10. the restrictions on the country, player, payment methods, etc are applicable.
  4. Paddy Power: get a risk free bet of £20 risk and get an awesome casino bonus on it
  5. Coral Bet: deposit only £5 and get £20 with this best casino.
  6. Betfred Bet: with deposition of £10 get £30 and 30 free spins.
  7. 888Sport: this casino gives you the opportunity to get £30 for £10.

Get Free Bets with Casino Bonuses

The online casinos offer many types of casino bonus like free bets bonus, no deposit bonus, and welcome bonus to attract their first-time customers. You can play or bet using the bonus and win real money. Betting with casino bonus make the game doubly interesting than before. Casino bonuses are basically free money given by the casino, so you should use them, anytime you can. Visit this website for the latest online bonus codes and promotions from online casinos.